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LendingTree is an industry-leading search, comparison and recommendation engine for consumer financial services. We’ve built tools and services that have helped save our users billions, and now you can do the same.

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Made by our developers for your developers

We’ve got a comprehensive developer-friendly suite of feature-rich modules, including a complete API and SDK toolkit. Our easy-to-use platform provides everything you need to integrate holistic financial awareness tools directly into your users experience.

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The building blocks of financial wellness

Our distributed, accessible solutions cover the entire financial ecosystem, including credit cards, loans and insurance. They can provide the data to enrich and enhance your existing offerings.
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Credit Resources

Personalized credit score, credit file details, analysis of credit factors plus credit monitoring that keeps customers informed.

Financial Wellness

Intelligence platforms for savings alerts, credit advice and financial recommendations.

Savings Analysis

Identify valuable savings opportunities for users that can help them cut payments and build wealth.

Intelligence Platform

Help users understand and act on trends from their own credit and asset data with smart, actionable insights.

LendingTree Academy

Give users access to an ever-increasing library of easy-to-digest educational videos.

Modular Products

Enable any financial product in the LendingTree network for your users. “Turn on” the products that matter most.

Your experience, powered by our expertise

We offer fully integrated a la carte solutions. It’s always your brand, just our tech under the hood.

  1. Your customers sign up with you.
  2. They receive access to a suite of tools and information, including their credit score, credit monitoring, help resolving disputes, asset monitoring and financial literacy tools.
  3. Your customers receive and review personalized recommendations for loans, credit cards, insurance and a number of other products that can help them save, powered by the nation’s largest lender network.
  4. You monetize customers without compromising their safety or privacy. They save money, improve their financial health and stay engaged with you.

Get more from your brand

Better Engagement

Nothing brings customers back to your platform for sustained engagement like personalized financial information. Build something they want to come back to.

Smarter Data

Use our sophisticated CRM triggers and highly personalized platform to provide your customers with useful information that can have a meaningful impact on their lives.

More Value

With our large network of lenders and diverse product offering you can create more long-term value for your customers as they move through life’s meaningful moments.

From the pioneers of online financial choice

Over 20 years ago, LendingTree brought mortgage shopping online. Since then we’ve pushed the industry forward developing online solutions for loan shopping, credit improvement, debt reduction, auto financing and so much more. With the nation’s largest network of lenders, we’ve become the go-to place to shop for money.

Start building today

LendingTree used this same tech to build a subscriber-led, savings-centric product that engages, monetizes and delights customers over their entire lifetime of financial transactions. What will you create?

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