Tips and tricks for making the most of your time at home

Written by

Dani Flynn


May 18, 2020

Let’s face it: 2020 is NOT our year. If you’re like many, you started the new decade with high hopes and big dreams. And just when you began to find your groove…. COVID-19.

We now find ourselves adapting to a ‘new normal’ – complete with DIY face masks and Zoom chats with Grandma. This was NOT the plan.

On the other hand, if you also find yourself safe at home, healthy, and surrounded by your family, there is much to be grateful for. So, why not make the most of this unexpected time at home? Struggling to find your mojo? Here are a few ideas:

  • Keep a daily schedule. Whether you’re working, looking for work, homeschooling the kiddos, or home solo – it doesn’t matter. Putting yourself and your family on some sort of routine will help you keep your sanity through this crisis.
  • Get up and move. It’s tried and true: a routine of exercise helps you look and feel better. Take a walk through the neighborhood, schedule a virtual group workout session with your friends, have a dance party with the kids – whatever floats your boat! Just be sure to make time to move; your future self will thank you.
  • Make progress on home projects. Be honest: you have a running list of To-Dos that you rarely have time for. If that’s you, this is your moment to shine! From yard work and home repairs to scrapbooking and catching up on crafts, there’s no time like the present to tackle your next project.
  • Take up a hobby. Now is a great time to learn or hone a new skill, especially since many companies are making their programs more accessible during this crisis. If you’re interested in expanding your repertoire, look into free or reduced online opportunities for learning new things like photography, hand lettering, or a new language.
  • Start a side hustle. With so many unknowns before us, it’s not a bad time to pick up some extra cash. If you’ve been sitting on a brainchild for a while, take some time to fully bake it. Start writing that novel, take a stab at a business plan, start building your social media presence – taking advantage of your free time now, could lead to an extra income stream later.
  • Find time to unwind. As important as it is to stay active, it’s equally important to reset, particularly if you’re parenting through this pandemic. Reserve some time for yourself: read a book, listen to a podcast, journal, binge watch a new series, or scroll through your social accounts. Give yourself a break throughout the day, so you’re ready for tomorrow’s stay-at-home adventure!