7 signs it’s time to renovate your home

Written by

Jonathan McFadden


March 2, 2020

Be honest: your home doesn’t sparkle like it used to.

The longer you live in your house, the more you realize it’s not as flawless as it seemed when you first bought it. Just think about those cracks in the walls that keep getting wider or those creaky steps that keep getting louder.

A home renovation project or two could make a big cosmetic and functional difference. But, before you take out a personal loan or borrow against your home equity to pay for a remodeling, be sure you actually need it. Here are seven signs your home could use a little uplift in the near future.

Something’s not working right

This is probably the most common reason to get a renovation. If your bathroom tile starts to fall off the wall, your roof starts to leak or your water is draining too slowly, something needs fixing. Houses are made up of all kinds of materials that don’t last forever and start to break down over time. It’s not unusual to need an update every few years.

Your family’s grown

Maybe you bought your home when you were single, or it was just you and your spouse living it up in domestic bliss. Time went on, and you started a family. You may have underestimated the impact children would have on where and how you live. If relocation is out of the question, you may need to make a few adjustments to your home to ensure it’s kid-friendly. That could mean raising your kitchen counter so it’s less likely your toddler will run into it or adding extra rooms so you can all enjoy more space.

You’re getting older

If the home you’re living in now is your forever home — meaning, you have no plans to ever move — you may need to renovate some features so you can age in place without much hassle. Think about it. As you get older, climbing your stairwell won’t get easier. Neither will getting in and out of the bathtub or off the toilet (apologies for the visual). Start considering what updates you may need down the line (step-in showers, wider doors, slip-resistant flooring) if your mobility becomes limited one day.

Your home is getting older, too

Just like people, homes get old, too. And with age come signs of deterioration, like worn-out floors, chipped paint, outdated features, rust, termites, etc. A renovation can help update your home so you avoid structural damage and costly problems down the road.

You compromised a lot

When you shopped for your home, you probably weighed a list of must-have and nice-to-have features. A few years (or even a few months) later, those things on your nice-to-have list suddenly might become absolutely need-to-haves. If a sunroom or attached garage is something you’ve realized you no longer can live without, add a renovation on your list of things to do.

Your house is ugly

Too harsh? Sorry, but seriously: some people are embarrassed by how their home looks, and a renovation is the best way to spare themselves further humiliation. Improving your home’s image can include anything from a new paint job to new baseboards to replacing the carpet that’s a magnet for pet hair.

Critters have taken over

We mentioned termites earlier, but they’re not the only pests that can take residence in your home if it’s a bit unkempt or the construction materials are low-quality. Ants, rats, opossums, raccoons and other woodland creatures can invade your home through cracks in the floor or openings in walls and make themselves at home in attics, basements and crawlspaces. They can also wreak havoc on your home and seriously influence your and your family’s health. With a renovation, you can seal any openings and unearth any unwelcome furry squatters hiding where you don’t want them.

What should you do now?

If you’re ready for a renovation, get one that doesn’t demolish your bank account. Go to LendingTree to shop and compare home renovation loans. Find one with the best rates and terms for you and breathe some new life into your home.