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5 Quickbooks Forums to Know

You’re a small business owner who has decided to tackle some of your accounting — you know, to stay lean and meanwhile you grow your business. You ask around and a couple of clients suggest you try QuickBooks, an accounting software program.

For a small business owner, QuickBooks can offer a number of accounting services as a business grows. You’ll find there are endless capabilities and offerings through the platform. QuickBooks can track miles for off-site meetings, support invoicing and accept payments — it can even run reports, track your income and expenses, help you track inventory and enable you to manage 1099 employees.

If you choose QuickBooks, you might find that getting the software is only half the battle; the other half is learning how to use it. Although the program might be intuitive, there are some things might fly below your radar.

QuickBooks offers an online version and desktop version. “Small business owners will need to do their homework and select the product that’s best for them,” said Lynn Bennett, QuickBooks expert at the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center.

Each version has variances in certain applications. For example, the online version performs automatic, daily backups, but you must download the desktop version to your computer and manually back it up. Both are solid options, so choose the one you prefer. There is also a number of QuickBooks forums available for assistance. They include:

  • QuickBooks Support Page
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • QuickBooks Community
  • QuickBooks Resource Center

Let’s dive in and discover the right Quickbooks forum for you.

QuickBooks Support Page

The QuickBooks Support Page is easy to navigate, and the home page asks which version of QuickBooks you are using; Desktop, Online, Self-Employed, or Accountant. Once you make your selection, you’ll have two options: Enter a term into a search box or browse topics.

If, for example, you’re using the QuickBooks Desktop version, you’ll see topics divided into the following categories: getting started, account maintenance, employees and payroll, company file management, manage income and expenses, banking and bank fees, reports, manage inventory and projects and payments. If your topic doesn’t fall into one of these categories, use the search box.

QuickBooks Support Page highlights:

  1. It’s well-organized. Visually, the shades of blue and green against the white backdrop make it easy to focus on the text. The topics are organized into sections and subsets, and each page takes the customer on a personalized support journey. Easy navigation makes is easy for users to search for answers.
  2. It offers more than just answers. If QuickBooks doesn’t have an answer or a solution to your question, it offers additional options to help find one. You can use a link to the QuickBooks Community page, a link to post a question or a link to the Contact Us page.

It’s important to note that you might have to phrase your question in a different way to find what you’re looking for. “The biggest thing with this is, are you phrasing your question correctly? In other words, if you can type what it is that you’re trying to find out correctly, you can find the help desk answer for it,” said Lynn Bennett.


One of the benefits of the professional network tool LinkedIn is that you can build your professional network and also join groups within topics of interest. One such group for QuickBooks users in need of support is the QuickBooks Tips and Tricks LinkedIn Group, which has more than 28,000 members. The group is similar to the QuickBooks Community, only it’s for LinkedIn members.

Here are some things to know about the QuickBooks Tips and Tricks LinkedIn Group:

  1. You have to become a member first. Although anyone can sign up for a LinkedIn account, you must request an invitation to join this group. After your request is accepted, you can ask questions or answer them as they appear in the conversation thread.
  2. General users can answer questions. With as many members as this group has, someone is bound to have an answer to your question.
  3. LinkedIn provides a supportive professional environment. The spirit of this group is positive, and a group owner moderates the forum, which provides an added layer of organization and guidance.


Some social media users still aren’t sure Reddit is a platform worthy of their membership, which is a mistake. Reddit has 330 million active users and more than 138,000 active communities.

Reddit works in the same way as the LinkedIn QuickBooks group, and you must join the platform. You can post a question that another member can answer, creating a Reddit thread for users to view and add additional comments.

It’s important to note that Reddit supports users creating anonymous profiles, and that element of privacy might make members more comfortable sharing information about an issue they’re having with QuickBooks.


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QuickBooks Community

QuickBooks goes social with the QuickBooks Community, and the home page features a conspicuous search box so users can find it quickly and look for answers. The search results consist of a comprehensive list of discussions that use some or all of the keywords you put in the search box.

For example, if you enter “payroll” into the search bar, you will see multiple posts with the term “payroll” in it. And you have four additional ways you can search through the list of results from your original question.

  1. By user. Above the list of results, select “user” to limit results to users only.
  2. By user: advanced. You can open the advanced search feature by clicking on “Advanced” and filtering by one or more user areas, such as user rank. The search feature also recognizes search modifiers like you would use for a Google search.
  3. By posts. The search results will display posts by default (instead of by user), and then you’ll be able to filter by six other variables: location, author, date, metadata, type of post and contains (this is for videos and attachments with posts).
  4. By posts: advanced. You can open the advanced search feature by clicking on “Advanced” and filtering by either Topics or Specific Posts to refine your search. You can also use search modifiers.

The forums in the QuickBooks Community appeal to members who want to connect.  QuickBooks has taken advantage of a built-in community, which enables members to communicate with one another and share expertise.

QuickBooks Resource Center

The QuickBooks Resource Center adds self-learning tools in the form of blog posts on topics including cash flow, expenses, bookkeeping, invoicing, taxes and starting your business. Content posted to the resource center doesn’t allow for user comments, which sets it apart from other tools or platforms.

All of these tools and resources will help you find answers to all your QuickBooks questions. If you really want to amp up your QuickBooks knowledge, consider training with a private consultant or at a Small Business Development Center.


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