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What’s the right loan for you?

Minority-owned businesses make up more than 29 percent of the nation’s small businesses according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s an increase of 3 million since the last census. To help foster that growth, many lenders offer loans and grants tailored toward minority entrepreneurs.

One popular form of funding for minority-owned businesses is the SBA loan. The U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) offers loans, and a development program, to help minority-owned businesses grow. Want to see if you qualify for an SBA loan? Start comparison shopping now.

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Three things to know before you shop

  • 1. Your business type

    Are you a sole proprietor? Corporation? Limited Liability Company (LLC)? Your business type will affect what kind of loans you might qualify for.

  • 2. Your revenue

    Lenders like to know how much money your business brought in over the last couple years. Remember revenue and profit aren’t the same thing, so it’s okay if your business isn’t making big bucks yet.

  • 3. Your loan amount

    Having an accurate estimate of how much money you need helps the lender assess the risk in lending. Review your needs and make sure you ask to borrow the right amount.

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