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Chase Sapphire Preferred Frequently Asked Questions

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The is one of Chase’s flagship rewards credit cards, earning Ultimate Rewards® points that can be transferred to several leading airline and hotel programs like United, Southwest, Hyatt, and Marriott.

As the credit card increases in popularity we are getting more questions on how it works. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about the .

Earning points

What kind of points do I earn?

You earn Ultimate Rewards points. This is Chase’s own point program, and the points can be used for travel, gift cards, merchandise, and statement credit. You can also transfer them outside to your mileage and point accounts with several airline and hotel programs. These include United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, British Airways, Hyatt, Marriott, and Priority Club.

What counts as dining and travel expenses?

Dining spend includes fast food restaurants, casual dining restaurants, and fine dining. Basically any place out of the home that prepares and serves you food as long as the merchant classifies it as such. Travel spend includes airfare, hotel, vehicle rental, taxi, trains (even commuter), tolls, parking (even parking meters), time shares, buses, and travel agencies.

Does gas count as a travel purchase?

Unfortunately gas is not considered a travel category purchase, and does not earn 2x points.

Will I earn points for the spending needed to get the introductory bonus?


Are there limits to the number of points you can earn?

No. Even in the bonus 2x point dining and travel categories, there is no limit to the number of points you can earn with the .

Can I have another Chase card that earns miles like the ?

Yes. Just apply for the on its own. Even though the points can be turned into United miles, that won’t stop you from being eligible for the signup bonus.

The catch is you must be approved for the card based on your credit history and other factors. But once you are approved, having one of those other cards won’t prevent you from earning the bonus.

How long does it take for points to post?

Your points post with the closing date of your statement. Bonus points for shopping from the Chase Ultimate Rewards® shopping portal may post earlier or later depending on the retailer.

Managing points

Do the points expire?

No, as long as you keep a Chase account open with an Ultimate Rewards feature (, ) your points won’t expire. If you decide to cancel your , be sure to combine your points with the card you plan on keeping before you cancel so all your points stay alive.

Can I ‘undo’ a transfer of points into miles?

No. Once you transfer points out of your ‘s Ultimate Rewards points account into an external airline mile or hotel point program you can’t undo the transaction. So make sure you really want the points in a particular account before you initiate the transfer.

If I transfer the points to an outside program, and then cancel the card will I still keep the points?

Yes, once you transfer the points to an external airline mile or hotel point program they are independent of the card, and yours to use as you wish with or without holding the . However any points you keep in your Chase Ultimate Rewards account may be forfeited unless you keep another Chase card that uses Ultimate Rewards.

Can I transfer points to anyone?

No, with transfer partners you can only transfer points to yourself or the account of someone in your household who is an authorized user of your card account. You can also combine points within Ultimate Rewards with anyone who lives in your household who has an Ultimate Rewards account.

I already have a credit card with Ultimate Rewards like the . What will happen to those points?

You can combine your existing Ultimate Rewards points with those from your online, anytime. Just log into and choose ‘Manage Ultimate Rewards,’ then the ‘Combine Points’ option. You can also send or receive points from friends and family at no charge.

Using points

What airlines can I use for travel with points?

There are two ways to use your points for travel with the .

The first is to transfer them directly to the programs of participating airlines. These include United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines, and Air France. Once there, you can redeem miles using the rules of each airline’s program. That also means you can use the miles on any partner with each airline (for example, Air Canada is a partner of United, so United miles can be used for Air Canada flights).

The second way to redeem for travel is to book online at With this method, there are no restrictions or rules on valid award travel and you can book any major airline you would normally find on (basically any except Southwest and some of the international low-cost carriers like RyanAir).

You simply search for flights at in the same way you would at Orbitz, Expedia, or Travelocity. You will see the same prices you would if buying a ticket with cash. Then, you can pay for all or part of the cost with points. Each point you have is worth 1.25 cents toward travel. Put another way, every 10,000 points is worth $125 toward travel.

Will I earn miles for flights I book with points?

If you transfer your points to a separate airline mile program, you will not earn miles for the flight flown, as that is considered a ‘reward’ ticket by the airlines.

However, if you book your flight directly from and use points for all or part of it, you *will* earn miles according to the fare class of your ticket. That’s because when you book at, Chase is actually buying a regular ticket from the airline as if it were a travel agency. That means to the airline it looks like you bought your ticket with cash, and thus you will earn miles according to the rules of the airline’s frequent flyer program.

What is mile transfer, and how long does it take?

Mile transfer lets you select points in 1,000 point increments and transfer them into accounts you already have with participating airline mile and hotel point programs. That way you can build on existing balances, or take advantage of better redemption opportunities in each program. Mile transfer is instant and free with the .

Can I use the points for cash back?

Yes, you can use them for statement credit on individual purchases made in the last 60 days. The minimum amount that can be redeemed is $20 or 2000 points. Credits may take up to 2-3 business days to process and post to your account. Credit will appear on your monthly Chase statement within 1-2 statement cycles. Credits cannot be canceled or returned once you place your order. Reward credits are not applied towards your minimum payment due to your billing statement.

Can I use the points on Delta Air Lines?

You can’t transfer the points into Delta Air Lines SkyMiles® accounts — they have an exclusive relationship with American Express. However, if you wish there are a few ways to use points for Delta flights. One is to transfer the points into Virgin Atlantic, which is a Delta partner, and lets you use the miles for Delta flights.

The final way is to use the points as cash toward the purchase of a Delta ticket. You can search for flights at on any airline except Southwest and some low-cost carriers. Every 100 points you have is worth $1.25 toward the cost of a ticket.


What kind of credit will I need to get approved?

Factors always vary, but we suggest making sure you have credit to qualify for this card. If you apply and it says it will take several days for a decision, it’s possible you will be declined.

How long does it take to receive the card?

There are no set timetables for when you receive the card after you are approved, but generally expect 1 – 2 weeks for the card to arrive in the mail. You might be able to call and request that your card be expedited after you’re approved.

What is the annual fee and will I have to pay it?

The annual fee is .

Is there a business version of the ?

No, but the has the same Ultimate Rewards travel benefits, including 1:1 mile transfer to the same programs. However, the earning bonuses are different and geared toward spending in business categories like office supplies.

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