Released  January 17, 2017
By Megan Greuling

Home Equity Loan/Home Equity Line of Credit

If your home is worth more than you owe you may be able to borrower again that portion of available equity in your home. So which product is right for you? You should talk to your personal financial advisor before making any decisions. If you become delinquent on your payments to your mortgage and your home equity loan you could lose your home in a foreclosure proceeding. Think about the additional monthly payment and if you truly have an ability to repay it. Be honest with your lender and provide all the requested documents and fill out a formal application with the lender you choose, pay attention to points, fees, interest rates and terms associated with each product and find the one that suits your personal financial situation.

Home Equity Loans: Most Home Equity Loans have a fixed interest rate, so your monthly payment will be the same for the agreed upon term. The interest paid is generally tax deductible, but always find out for sure through your financial and/or tax advisor. Qualifying for a Home Equity Loan depends on the underwriting criteria set by the lender, the available equity in your home and your ability to repay the loan. Generally lenders review your credit score, credit history, employment history, debt, income and ability to repay. Some lenders require that you have an account with them and have a certain percentage of equity in your home to qualify. Ask them what up-front fees are assessed and if there are any pre-payment penalties.

Home Equity Line of Credit: A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a type of loan also takes a security interest in your home but allows you to have a “draw period” so that you can access the line of credit (like a credit card) when you need it. HELOCs, generally, are variable rate loans which means the interest rate of repayment will be based on a predefined index rate. Terms for repayment can be 25 years with a period to draw off the amount for 10 years. Maybe you don’t need all the money at once and this way you can use what you need and begin repayments and draw again (during the prescribed time) when you need it again.

“As Low As Rates” as of April 23, 2018:

Loan Amount APR Payment
$25,000.00 5.29% $110.00
$50,000.00 3.45% $143.75
$100,000.00 2.24% $381.74

The "As Low As Rate" of 3.45% APR is the lowest rate that most consumers at LendingTree were able to get. Some consumers received lower rates, and other consumers received higher rates, but a typical consumer can get rates as low as the above rates based on the typical loan amount sought.

LendingTree does not warrant lender information/data and makes no claim to the availability or terms associated with these products. Ask what criterion is required to qualify for each lender and for each product. Please weigh your options carefully. Rate and terms may change at any time before or after account opening and vary by property type, loan amount, credit history, lien position, and loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, FICO score and draw amount at closing, if product is chosen. Generally, home equity loans are not available for homes currently for sale. Homes previously listed for sale must generally be off the market for at least ninety days prior to applying to lenders for a home equity loan or HELOC. Rates subject to change daily and minimum line amounts may apply. All accounts are subject to individual lender approval. See also http://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/201204_CFPB_HELOC-brochure.pdf