Released  January 17, 2017
By Megan Greuling

LendingTree has partnered with TransUnion® and through its relationship with VantageScore 3.0© it is able to provide your credit score for free. Credit Scoring is not precise and your score will differ from those provided by the three credit bureaus and FICO®. Your VantageScore© is determined by granular data fields that when taken together determine your overall score. For more information you can visit www.VantageScore.com

LendingTree currently identifies credit score bands as follows in most but not all of its forms, but may from time-to-time update the same:

Excellent – 720 or higher

Good – 680 through 719

Fair – 640 – 679

Poor – 639 or less

LendingTree cannot guarantee the accuracy of the score or the items utilized from your credit report. Lenders may use FICO, or a Tri-Merge credit score that may be different from your Vantage Score 3.0. Your Free Credit Score is not passed to any lender, each lender uses its own underwriting and business practices to determine your credit score. Any questions or concerns regarding your score and/or credit data should be directed to TransUnion at 1-866-922-2100 or https://dispute.transunion.com.