Released  January 17, 2017
By Megan Greuling

While there are numerous factors that can impact an individual’s credit score, your personal score page provides you with six factors that may be impacting your overall credit score. It is these factors that create your VantageScore®:

  • Payment history – Have you consistently paid your accounts in a timely manner?
  • Utilization – How much of your total credit available are you currently using?
  • Balances – What is the total of your current and delinquent account balances?
  • Depth of credit – How long is your credit history and is there a varied mix of credit types?
  • Recent credit – How many recently opened credit accounts and credit inquiries do you have?
  • Available credit – What is the total amount of credit that you currently have access to?

VantageScore® is based primarily on a 24-month review of your credit report. Your credit report has information – such as your history of payment punctuality, the total amount of your available credit, the total amount and type of debt you have, the number of open and active accounts, and the longevity of your relationships with creditors all of which impact your overall score. Your score may vary by bureau and that provided by FICO®.