Released  December 9, 2020
By Megan Greuling

Offers which appear on LendingTree’s Rate Tables are from companies with which LendingTree receives compensation.

Advertisements using Rate Table figures are based on the following assumptions: an excellent credit borrower, looking for a home refinance loan for primary home priced at $250,000, with a mortgage balance of $200,000. While the ads are based off of those assumptions, the Rate Table can be adapted to fit any other configuration and these figures are examples only. Terms and conditions may apply and your individual credit situation will play a factor in the rates and terms for which you would ultimately qualify for.

Rates, APRs, Monthly Payment Amounts data shown in the LendingTree  rate table are examples only and do not take into consideration mortgage insurance premiums , origination fees , points (if required), homeowners insurance, or property taxes. For more details click here for LendingTree’s Terms of Use. Further, data displayed in the LendingTree rate table does not take into consideration your personal financial situation, appraised value of your home, actual credit score, income, existing debt, or other circumstances particular to an individual. The monthly mortgage payment may increase from the example listed. If you choose an ARM, your payment will likely increase at the stated interval (usually every 12 months) even though it can be fixed only for an initial period (i.e. 5/1 ARM fixed payment for first 5 years then stated increases every 12 months thereafter until the cap, if applicable, is reached). Factors including but not limited to your personal financial situation, appraised value of your home, actual credit score, income, and existing debt will also impact the actual Rate and APR noted. Again, the data displayed in the LendingTree  rate table are examples only based on the limited information provided. Please review our full list of advertising disclosures to see more detailed examples of the average current rates borrowers are being matched at Advertising Disclosures.

Mortgage rate quotes displayed on LendingTree rate table including loan pricing data, rates and fees, are provided by third party data providers including, but not limited to, Mortech®, a registered trademark of Zillow®, LoanXEngine, a product of Mortgage Builder Software, Inc., and LoanTek, Inc.