Tap Your Home’s Equity for Your Financial Goals

Using your home’s equity is a great way to get money. As you’ve paid your mortgage and your home’s value has increased, you can borrow from your home to get the cash you need for whatever life brings your way.

Here are two options to access the equity from your home:

My credit score is 700+ and I’d like a lump sum or line of credit to use as I wish

If you have excellent credit and need a large amount for something like a home renovation, use you can leverage your home’s value to get a loan. This is an additional loan from your mortgage and you can get all the cash at once or use it as a line of credit. You can work the details out with your lender

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My credit score is 600-700 and I’d like a lump sum to use as I wish

You can still use the equity in your home to get cash even if you don’t have a perfect credit score. A cash-out refinance allows you to get cash by giving you a loan amount in the new value of your home minus your current mortgage balance. You won’t be eligible for the whole home value amount because of loan to value ratios, but you can get cash to help consolidate your debt.

You can use this form to estimate how much cash you could be eligible for.

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