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Calculators are made available as tools for your use in researching and comparing products. LendingTree does not guarantee the accuracy of the results and you should seek individualized advice from qualified professional(s) who can assist you in regard to your personal financial circumstances. All tools and calculators are deemed examples and are for illustrative purposes only. Your final payment, interest rate, loan, amount and/or fees are unknown and all calculations are estimates only. When calculators are placed in LendingTree Widgets there are times when certain assumptions will be utilized, including, but not limited to the following:

Home Affordability Calculator


Estimated annual property tax is 1.14%. Estimated annual homeowner's insurance is $800. Annual homeowner's association (HOA) dues are $0. Loan term is 30 years. This includes private mortgage insurance (PMI). These are examples only are not guaranteed amounts for any one location. Amounts are national averages from 2013 obtained from several sources. Estimated taxes and insurance amounts will adjust using the above assumptions when a new purchase/refinance/home estimated value is placed into the field and is not a guarantee of what actual amounts may be for any particular product or property.

Rent or Buy Calculator


Rental amount includes one year of rent (you place into the calculator) and rental insurance (based on the national average for 2013). Loan term is 30 years. Property tax assumption is 1% of the home value. Annual homeowner's association (HOA) dues being set at $100. Maintenance of owning a home is assumed at 2% of home value. Personal tax rate of 33% is factored into the calculation(s). Calculator assumes home appreciation of 4% and a rent increase of 4% annually. The cost of selling a home is 8% of the sales price based on national average of repairs, staging, and Real Estate Agent commissions. The rate of return on investments after tax is assumed at 5% pursuant to 2013 statistics.

Mortgage Checkup Calculator

Mortgage Checkup and calculators are made available as tools for your use in researching and shopping for mortgage products and are not intended to be investment advice of any kind. LendingTree, LLC does not guarantee the accuracy of the results and you should seek individualized advice from qualified professional(s) who can assist you in regard to your personal circumstances. All tools and calculators are deemed examples and are for illustrative purposes only.

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

The calculator is for illustrative purposes only and uses an estimated rate, term, origination fee, mortgage insurance pre-payment, etc. from information gathered from the LendingTree Network. The calculator and a Reverse Mortgage Loan are not intended to be investment advice, or a recommendation by LendingTree as it cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results. Private mortgage insurance may be required and estimates of the same are used in the calculation, but the calculator does not include taxes and insurance, which are required to be paid during the duration of a Reverse Mortgage Loan. Rates vary by lender, by state, and on consumers LTV and personal financial situation. Terms and Conditions Apply and vary per lender, so ask each lender what costs, fees and terms are available for your personal financial situation.

The Reverse Mortgage calculator is an estimate only and not an offer of credit by any one Lender. Reverse Mortgage requires that one of the homeowners be at least 62 years of age; have a substantial amount of equity in your primary residence and you intend to remain in the home for the duration of the loan. Taxes and interest still have to be paid even while your mortgage payments may stop. Speak with a qualified Reverse Mortgage Counselor to discuss all of your options.

Mortgage rate quotes displayed on LendingTree LoanExplorerSM, including loan pricing data, rates and fees, are provided by third party data providers including, but not limited to, Mortech®, a registered trademark of Zillow®, LoanXEngine, a product of Mortgage Builder Software, Inc., and LoanTek, Inc.

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  • FICO score means the FICO credit score report that a lender receives from a consumer reporting agency.