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La-Z-Boy Financing: 5 Options for Paying for Furniture

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Redecorating your existing room in your home or filling a new home with new furniture can be an exciting creative process. However, it can also be an expensive endeavor. Although there are many furniture suppliers to choose from, if you intend on making a significant purchase, you might want to look into a furniture financing.

Customers at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® will find two financing options advertised to customers: a branded credit card and a furniture loan. But customers can choose from among more traditional options such as personal loans. Here’s what you need to know about financing your La-Z-Boy purchase.

  1. La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Credit Card
  2. Affirm
  3. Personal loans
  4. Zero-interest credit card
  5. Paycheck advance

1. La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Credit Card

Since 2007, La-Z-Boy has partnered with Synchrony Financial® to provide furniture shoppers with financing via credit card. The La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Credit Card® offers you a revolving line of credit that can be used to finance multiple furniture projects.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Credit Card by Synchrony Bank
Card Purchase restrictions Variable APR Perks
La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Credit Card For La-Z-Boy purchases only 29.99% Variable
  • Go home with your furniture on the same day as your purchase
  • No expiration date
  • Receive special offers for cardmembers only
  • Equal monthly payments


The card doesn’t have an annual fee. But there is a late payment and returned payment fee, which is typical for credit cards.

Special offer for cardholders

The La-Z-Boy-branded credit card is currently offering deferred interest for 12 months. (Subject to credit approval.) With this type of offer, you’ll pay no interest on payments you make for 12 months. If you don’t pay off your balance before the end of this period, though, you’ll be charged interest from the date of purchase.

Special financing offer
Purchase Deferred interest term Eligible purchases
In-store purchases made from 12/22/2019 – 1/6/2020 12 months of equal payments La-Z-Boy products


La-Z-Boy’s offers don’t last long before rotating. If the above financing offer has expired, check the company’s financing page to get the latest information.

Who’s eligible for a La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Credit Card?

Eligibility for the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Credit Card is based on your credit. You may also have to meet a minimum purchase requirement to be eligible for the retail card.

How to apply

You can apply for this branded credit card at your local La-Z-Boy store location or online through Synchrony Bank. On the application, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Your SSN or ITIN
  • Date of birth
  • Address, phone number, and email address
  • Initial purchase amount (if you already know it)
  • Your monthly net income

You can then opt-in to electronic payments, and the “Card Security” program (additional fee) which helps you manage payments in the event of an unexpected job loss, disability or other debilitating issues. Once you’ve made your selections, submit your application.

2. Affirm

Eligible online customers at La-Z-Boy Outdoor®, a partner site of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, may be able to finance purchases through Affirm®, a point-of-sale loan service.

To apply for Affirm financing, follow these steps:

  • Add your La-Z-Boy Outdoor purchases to your shopping cart.
  • Under payment method, you’ll see an option for Affirm monthly payments. Depending on the amount you’re financing, you may receive one payment schedule option or multiple payment schedules to choose from.
  • You may be required to place an upfront down payment.

If you’re approved, you can download the Affirm app to manage and track your loan, including viewing your remaining balance and when your next payment is due. The app also can send you email and text reminders when your payment is approaching.

Affirm loan details
APR 0.00% to 30.00% (Active duty military may be granted a 6% interest rate cap, upon request and approval)
Terms 12 to 39 months
Loan amount Not specified
Origination fee No origination fee
Other fees None

Who’s eligible for an Affirm loan?

In order to use Affirm financing for your La-Z-Boy purchase, you must be at least 18 years old. If you’re a resident of Alabama or a ward of Nebraska, you must be at least 19 years old to qualify for an Affirm loan.

Affirm performs a soft pull credit check to determine your eligibility for a loan. This type of credit check doesn’t negatively affect your credit. However, if you’re approved for the loan and accept it, your credit may be affected. You may be required to put down a deposit to qualify for your loan.

3. Personal loans

A personal loan can be used for anything — including buying furniture for your space. If your purchase can’t wait until you’ve saved enough cash, a personal loan may be an alternative. As these are unsecured loans, you won’t need collateral to be eligible, though your credit will be heavily weighed.

According to LendingTree’s latest data on personal loans, the average personal loan APR ranges from 7.27% for prime borrowers to 85.92% for subprime borrowers. If you have strong credit, shopping for a competitive personal loan rate may be a good option outside of a La-Z-Boy Affirm loan.

You can compare personal loans online, or through your bank or credit union. However, in addition to the interest rate, make sure you work in any fees that may affect the affordability of the personal loan.

4. Zero-interest credit card

Another alternative if you have strong credit is applying for a credit card with an introductory 0% APR. This type of credit card offer defers interest charges for a period of time, up to 21 months. Fail to repay your balance in full before this promotional period ends, and you’ll be charged interest from the purchase date.

That said, this La-Z-Boy financing option is ideal for shoppers who can repay their balance in full on time or ahead of schedule. Credit cards have high interest rates that can quickly increase your balance. It’s also important to be aware of your spending habits. Avoid exceeding your furniture budget or overspend in other areas that you can’t afford to repay.

5. Paycheck advance

If you work for an employer, your human resources department may offer a paycheck advance. Requesting an advance on your payment can help you get access to cash now. There are also apps that function in a similar way, like Dave and Earnin.

Dave allows you to request a paycheck advance up to $75, interest-free; however, it charges a $1 per month membership fee. With Earnin, you can request up to a $100 advance to start and as you use the app, your advance limit can increase up to $500.

Both platforms require you to link your bank account. When your next paycheck is deposited into your bank account, the apps pull the funds you’ve borrowed as payment.

Since these apps don’t perform a credit check, it can be a good alternative for shoppers who have a low credit score and need to borrow only a small amount. Keep in mind, however, that a paycheck advance isn’t “extra” money. By borrowing some of your paycheck early, your next paycheck will be smaller which can lead to falling behind on bills or going into debt.

Bottom line

The best way to fund your new furniture project is by paying in cash. Setting aside dedicated savings for your next La-Z-Boy furniture purchase can keep your purchase affordable without having going into costly debt. However, it might not be the most realistic choice for your situation.

Ultimately, there are many options to consider if you’re looking into La-Z-Boy financing for your next purchase. Make sure to account for the full cost of financing before signing on the dotted line.


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