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Why You Need to Fix That Window Crack — And What It’ll Cost You

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Although the glass on a car window is extremely durable, even a tiny stone can cause it to crack. Since the cost of car ownership is expensive, you may be tempted to continue to drive around with a crack rather than pay for a repair. However, doing so can pose serious safety risks and lead to significant damage and higher expenses down the road.

Let’s dive deeper into the reasons why you need to take care of window cracks right away, what it may cost you and how you can fund this unexpected car expense.

Why that window crack needs to be repaired

If you put off fixing your window crack and it spreads, you can put yourself and your passengers at serious risk. Here are several reasons why it’s important to find a mechanic you trust to repair your window crack as soon as possible:

  • Protection from outside debris: The window on your car plays a vital role in protecting you, your passengers and your interior from wind, water, snow and other debris.
  • Safety in the event of an accident: If you get into a crash, your car window can safeguard you and your passengers from getting thrown out of your car. It just may save your life or the lives of your passengers.
  • Backdrop for your passenger airbag: During an accident, your side passenger airbag deploys upward and bounces off your window. It can protect your passenger from going head first into the glass.
  • Support for the roof in a rollover: Your window is intended to support the roof of your vehicle. It can keep you and your passengers from getting crushed in a rollover collision.

As you can see, a window crack is more than just an unsightly imperfection on your car, it can be a major safety issue.

How much does a window crack repair cost?

A number of factors such as location, type of damage and auto glass service provider can determine how much it’ll cost to repair your window crack. In the event your crack has spread and your car’s windshield needs to be replaced, the cost will depend on the make and model of your car and whether the replacement windshield is original equipment glass or aftermarket glass.

Service Cost
Window crack repair $60 – $100
Windshield replacement $100 – $400

3 ways to pay for a window crack repair or window replacement

If you are in need of a window crack repair or window replacement, there are a number of ways you can pay for it. Let’s take a closer look at three payment options.

Pulling from your savings

A savings account takes time and patience to build. However, if you put in the effort to build one, you can pull from it to fix a window crack or replace a windshield. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of doing so.


  • Saves money: Charging a window crack repair or window replacement on a high-interest credit card will cost you more in the long run than pulling money out of your savings account.
  • Prevents debt: If you pay for your window crack or window replacement in cash savings, you can avoid getting into emergency debt.


  • May not have enough in your savings: You may find that the cost of your window crack repair or windshield replacement exceeds the amount of money you have in your savings account.
  • Prolongs other savings goals: If you’re building your savings account to pay for something specific, like the down payment for a house, pulling from your savings for this unexpected car expense can prolong your savings goal.

Personal loan

Taking out a personal loan may make sense if you are faced with an unexpected bill to pay for your window crack repair or windshield replacement. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits and drawbacks of this payment method.


  • Offers fixed monthly payments: Since most personal loans come with fixed monthly payments, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll owe every month.
  • Gives you more time to pay: Personal loans can be repaid over extended periods, meaning you can avoid the pressure of having to pay off your window crack repair or window replacement right away.


  • Comes with origination fees: Depending on the personal loan you select, you may be required to pay an origination fee of 1% or more.
  • High interest rates: If you don’t have the best credit score, you may end up paying a lot of money in interest and increase the overall cost of your window crack repair or windshield replacement.

Balance transfer credit card

Balance transfer credit cards may offer an introductory 0% APR for 12 to 21 months. With these cards, you can transfer over high-interest credit card balances. That way, you can repay your debt with potentially fewer fees, granted you’ve repaid the balance before the promotional period ends.


  • Save on high interest: Since most credit cards come with high interest rates, using a balance transfer credit card with an intro 0% APR can give you the opportunity to save a significant amount of money on interest.
  • Reduces your credit utilization ratio: Your credit utilization ratio is the amount of revolving credit you owe divided by your credit limit. A balance transfer credit card can reduce your credit utilization ratio and raise your credit score.


  • Balance-transfer fee: If you opt for a balance transfer credit card, you may have to pay one-time balance transfer fee. This is typically 3% of the amount of the transfer.
  • Must be paid within the 0% APR intro period: In the event you’re unable to pay off your entire balance during the 0% APR intro period, you may be forced to pay a higher interest rate than you would with other credit cards. This can make your window crack repair or windshield replacement far more expensive than it would be if you went with an alternative payment option.

Fixing a window crack right off the bat can reduce your risk of a serious accident or costly windshield replacement down the road. By weighing the pros and cons of each of the payment options we discussed above, you can select the ideal one for you and protect your finances and safety.


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