Allison Landa

Allison Landa is a personal finance writer and editor who has spent the better part of two decades writing about real estate, small business, and money management. Her work has been featured in WealthVest, Eave, and Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, among other venues. 

Articles by Allison Landa

Mississippi Debt Relief Guide: Understanding State Laws and Managing Debt

Known as “The Birthplace of America’s Music,” the state of Mississippi also has a foot solidly in nature. Heavily forested and home to one of... read more

Northpointe Bank Mortgage Review

What is Northpointe Bank? Northpointe Bank was started in 1999 and is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich. The company’s website features a preliminary pre-qualification tool... read more

Boat Loan Terms: How Long Can You Finance a Boat?

Buying a boat? Before you gather your gear and take to the high seas, you’ll likely need to figure out how to afford your purchase.... read more

2019 FHA Loan Limits in South Dakota

As a South Dakota homebuyer interested in an FHA loan, you’ll need to know about the limits of your borrowing power under this program. Across... read more

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