Elyssa Kirkham

Elyssa Kirkham is a personal finance writer who specializes in using data journalism to provide unique insights into the world of money. Her work has been featured in TIME, CBS News, MSN Money, Business Insider, Daily Finance and more.

Articles by Elyssa Kirkham

Is overspending on Valentine’s Day really necessary? It depends.

Few days of the year are as romantically and financially fraught as Valentine’s Day. It can seem that every Feb. 14, singles face high stakes... read more

Personal Loan Statistics

Key facts Personal loans are the fastest-growing consumer debt product, with outstanding debt tripling from $49 billion in 2010. Outstanding personal loan debt is $156... read more

The Best Places for Young Families in South Carolina

Having a child changes everything. It shifts financial priorities and puts homelife front and center. South Carolina parents have to balance housing factors that might... read more

The Best Places for Young Families in Louisiana

For many Americans, starting a family is one of the most significant financial events in their lives. No matter where they live, parents hope to... read more

The Best Places for Young Families in Alabama

Background Starting a family is a major life event — so it’s no surprise that it has a big impact on household finances. In particular, parents... read more

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