Kristina Byas

Kristina Byas is a personal finance writer with experience covering personal loans, student loans, saving and budgeting. She has written for MagnifyMoney, Student Loan Hero and DealsPlus.

Articles by Kristina Byas

Beware Guaranteed Loans: Here’s Why, Plus Better Options

A major car repair, loss of employment or other unforeseen events can leave you in a financially tight spot. If you don’t have an emergency... read more

Axos Bank Personal Loan Review

Formerly, Bank of Internet USA, Axos Bank offers an array of personal and business financial services and products, including checking and savings accounts, CDs, auto... read more

LoanMart Auto Title Loan Review

LoanMart offers an auto title loan, which might be good for people looking for an alternative to a traditional personal loan. LoanMart loans are only... read more

LoanMe Personal Loan Review

LoanMe offers personal loans to borrowers in two categories: prime and less-than-prime. So even borrowers with poor credit could potentially be approved for a personal... read more

USAA Personal Loan Review

USAA personal loans are a solid option for members of the military community, with a full suite of financial services and tools offered at competitive... read more

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