Roger Wohlner

Roger is a financial writer who brings his extensive experience as a financial advisor to his writing. He is fluent on a wide range of financial topics including financial planning, investments, retirement planning, mutual funds, ETFs, 401(k) plans and other employer sponsored retirement plans. Roger’s work has been featured on Investopedia, Morningstar Magazine, Go Banking Rates, US News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, The Motley Fool, and numerous other sites.

Articles by Roger Wohlner

How Low Can Your Credit Score Go?

Your credit score is one of the most critical numbers in your financial life. It can affect your ability to rent an apartment, buy a... read more

8 Must-Know Debt Consolidation Facts

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Can the Death of a Family Member Affect Your Credit?

About 7,500 people die in the United States each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When one of those people is... read more

Can You Go Over Your Credit Card Limit? Yes, and Here’s What Happens

Your credit card agreement includes a credit limit, which is the maximum amount of debt that you can have outstanding on the card at any... read more

Victim of Fraudulent Credit Card Charges? Know Your Rights

Credit card fraud was the most prevalent form of identity theft in 2017, with almost 140,000 reported cases in the U.S., according to the Federal... read more

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