Shannon Shelton Miller

Shannon Shelton Miller is a writer and editor with 20 years of experience covering news, sports, personal finance, culture and parenting. She has written mortgage and business content for financial institutions and publications including LendingTree, MagnifyMoney and ValuePenguin.

Articles by Shannon Shelton Miller

The Best Places for Young Families in West Virginia

Thinking of taking that first step toward owning a home? If so, it may be because you’re also about to start a family, and your... read more

The Best Places for Young Families in Oklahoma

The decision to start a family is often the catalyst that helps renters take that big first step toward homeownership. It’s an understandable choice; this... read more

Side Jobs to Help You Buy a House

For years, Kristin Larsen spent her daytime hours working a traditional 9-to-5 job as an interior designer. But her work wasn’t done when she left... read more

South Carolina First-Time Homebuyer Programs

Buying a home has long been an embodiment of the American dream. But the process involves much more than finding your dream abode and making... read more

Maryland First-Time Homebuyer Programs

If you’re looking for help buying a home in Maryland, consider one of the eight programs the state offers residents. In January 2019, we reviewed... read more

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